The Xenonas Apollon

Xenonas Apollon

Based on our wants and expectations, and with respect for nature, Greek history, culture and hospitality, we created our two hotels in Greece, in Sarti. Xenonas Apollon and Hotel Apollon ( ).Both destinations are located in the green and traditional village of Sarti at the second place of Chalkidiki, while both hotels are next to the beach.

Sithonia is located in the middle peninsula of Chalkidiki between Kassandra and Mount Athos.
At the edge of the peninsula is the traditional village of Sarti at a distance of 130 km from the airport of Thessaloniki.
Sarti is a small, picturesque village, which is embraced by the lush forests of Sithonia.

The beach of Sarti has been awarded in recent years as one of the best beaches in Greece, while at the same time the European Union honors it every year with the blue flag .

In the village you will find opportunities for water sports and one diving school. You have easy access to restaurants, cafe-bars, taverns, small shops with many traditional and quality options.
In Sarti you will find a pharmacy and a medical center for your health problems.
Every Saturday, the next village, Sykia, organizes a bazaar, where you can find everything you want including fresh food, items, traditional and local delicacies.
At the same time you will have the opportunity to explore the landscape and enjoy a traditional Greek coffee in the alleys of the village.


What our customers say

The hotel, which opened in May 2000, is already one of the top hotels in Sithonia. Let yourself be seduced by the beautiful landscape, our climate, the monasteries of Mount Athos and the crystal clear blue sea enjoying the warm hospitality and our impeccable service.

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Enjoy the sun overlooking the third leg of Halkidiki, Mount Athos.

Hotel Apollon, just 50 meters from the turquoise and crystal clear waters of Sarti, is inspired by elements of Doric architecture.
Balconies with arches in combination with shades of yellow and blue harmonize with the blue of the sea.
During the summer months you can enjoy the Greek traditional coffee, from the hotel reception enjoying the lush garden.
In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to try our cool cocktails and wines selected from wineries of Mount Athos. In the first winter months you will be able to sit on the pergola by the fireplace drinking a glass of wine with a hug book or a fresh tea from the mountain of our area.
In the Roof Garden of the hotel, where you will find sunbeds to enjoy the sun, you have a view of the third leg of Halkidiki, Mount Athos.
In addition, you will have the opportunity to relax on the Roof Garden pergola and read books or borrow board games from our small library.

Thanks to our dear guests,
We would like to thank all our guests who gave us these great awards with their trust.
We promise to continue our efforts to make your vacation experience a reality.
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Dear friends, thank you very much that our two hotels are now among the 10 most popular hotels in Greece.

Activities in Sithonia, Halkidiki

We offer our inexpensive private transfer as a service.

Upon your arrival in Greece, we offer you as a service of our hotel, your private and inexpensive transfer to our hotels. We pick you up from the airport of Thessaloniki and transport you safely to Sarti, while all the way you have the opportunity to enjoy the nature of Halkidiki and the blue-green beaches.
Due to the versatility of our hotels, we do not have specific and vertical arrival dates so you can book the appropriate flights during periods that suit you.


  • Marie / 16 January 2021:
    Frohes neues Jahr!!! Meine Lieben ich hoffe es geht euch gut ...Wir freuen uns auf den Mai bei euch Urlaub machen zu können. Griechenland ist... »
  • Nicole / 9 January 2021:
    Frohes neues und gesundes Jahr liebes Team xenonas Apollon Wir freuen uns auf nächstes Jahr,wenn wir wieder sicheren Urlaub in Sarti haben können. Wir danken... »
  • Markus / 30 December 2020:
    Hallo lieber Babis und Co. Bald ist es soweit um bei euch zu kommen und vom Coronastress zu entkommen. Die Lage in Griechenland war und... »
  • Zoran / 20 December 2020:
    Fröhliche Weihnachten »
  • Sabine / 4 October 2020:
    Ein Paradis auf Erden! Der wunderschöne Strand, die Sonne und die Ruhe in Sarti ... was will man noch. Es war mal wieder ein toller... »
  • Simone / 3 October 2020:
    Lieber Babis und das ganze Team Apollon, Vielen dank an euch alle. Es war wieder einmal ein toller Urlaub den wir nicht vergessen werden.Toller Ausflug... »
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